Operator Licence Awareness Training...

Is it for me?


If you’re the director of a company that runs one or more commercial heavy goods vehicles, you are responsible for the level of compliance achieved by those vehicles and their drivers.


But I’m not in the transport office. My TM deals with all that.


This is a common misconception. As the director, you oversee the performance of your fleet. While your TM manages the transport operation, and is indictable for any discrepancies, the buck stops with the owner/director. This means that in the event of the DVSA or Traffic Commissioner (TC) discovering evidence of non-compliance within your operation, you will be held just as accountable as the TM.


So, where does OLAT come in?

Usually delivered as a one-day course, this training is designed to give Company Directors, Partners and Proprietors a grounding in Operator Licence requirements, and to reaffirm the undertakings provided to the Traffic Commissioner during the licence application.

Though to demonstrate a proactive attitude toward your licence requirements it’s advisable to take OLAT voluntarily, sometimes a company director will do so at the behest of the TC. A course of this kind should comply fully with the requirements of the Traffic Commissioner.

The training typically comprises:

  • Operator licensing;
  • Driver licensing;
  • Incident reporting;
  • Drivers’ hours & record keeping;
  • Maintenance systems;
  • Managing the ‘O’ licence; and
  • Road safety.


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