Have a FORS audit coming up?

 There’s no reason to leave your accreditation to chance.


FORS membership is gaining popularity throughout the UK. In fact, for many high-end transport, construction and manufacturing contracts, it is essential criteria. That’s why passing that FORS Bronze audit will prove vital for continued success as an operator.


Companies, especially those with a smaller fleet and fewer staff, often struggle to implement the rigorous FORS criteria. Because the criteria is designed to standardise the systems of large and small fleets alike, smaller operators may experience some vertigo in the effort to step up – the upheaval caused by preparing for a FORS audit can cause disorder in the office, and confusion in regard to procedure.


But there’s no reason to do it on your own.


 So, what is a FORS pre-audit?


The FORS pre-audit involves a full GAP analysis of your set-up, after which an action plan, complete with necessary changes and recommendations, will be generated.


This is where Chartwise come in.


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