Applying for an ‘O’ license?

Give yourself the best chance of approval.


The process of applying for an Goods Vehicle Operator Licence is arduous. It requires you have a range of information at hand, and know the specifics of the operation you wish to build.


Moreover, applicants must have a thorough knowledge of the industry’s various aspects, like drivers’ hours. If you’re shaky on any area – whether it is your financial standing, the type of license you require, or the competence of the person(s) you’ve hired to check and maintain your vehicle(s), it may not be worth even applying.


This is where 3rd party assistance can prove invaluable.


Before beginning your application, you should ask yourself a range of questions, including:


  • Why do I need an operator’s licence?
  • What kind of licence do I need?
  • Do I have the proper facilities in which to park my vehicles?
  • Can I provide evidence of my financial standing to the Traffic Commissioner?


And that’s only the start of it. Getting an operator licence is hard graft. Care to find out more about successfully applying for your ‘O’ licence? See what Chartwise can offer:


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