You've decided - you need ADR.

But where do you start? 


This is where Chartwise come in.



Every month, we deliver ADR training at our multi-accredited training facilities in Team Valley, Gateshead. In certain circumstances, such as major group bookings, we can deliver the training offsite. We cater for those wishing to sit the full course, and for those wishing only to sit certain exams.



What’s covered in the course?

In order to gain the ADR qualification you must pass the core exam, at least one class exam and either the Packages or the Tanks exam - depending on the kind of container in which you intend to carry the dangerous goods. Because it further broadens your career prospects, however, it’s generally wise to do both.

As part of ADR training, Chartwise teach the following classes:

  • Class 2 - Gases
  • Class 3 - Flammable Liquids
  • Class 4 - Flammable Solids
  • Class 5 - Oxidising Substances
  • Class 6 - Infectious, Toxic Substances
  • Class 8 - Corrosive Substances
  • Class 9 - Miscellaneous Substances


As well as 2 types of mode container types:

  • Dangerous goods in tanks containers (over 450 litres)
  • Dangerous goods in containers other than tanks (packages, skips etc.)


Our ADR training will cover practical elements, and will give you the opportunity to develop skills in:

  • Basic First Aid
  • Fire Prevention
  • Emergency Action


All exams are multiple-choice. The number of exams you need to sit will depend on the classes you take. Each ADR exam has a pass mark of 70%.


But why should I choose Chartwise?


The trainers at Chartwise are not just trainers – they’re consultants, and they go above and beyond to get their candidates through the exams with flying colours. Using their years of experience in logistics, they provide straightforward advice, complete with real-world examples, on the full scope of hazardous materials transportation.


Good to go? Have a look at our upcoming dates and get yourself booked in: