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You know it, we know it: confusion in the road haulage industry is off the scale. That's why we've put together a free logistics webinar with our EU Drivers' Hours expert, Chris Allen.


We're expecting these sessions to be busier than post-Brexit Dover port, so get your questions in early to make sure we have time to answer you!


So, what's on your mind? Anything that you want answered related to the road transport industry rules, regulations and best practice -  just fire it over!


We receive hundreds of questions everyday on topics like:


  • Recording working time correctly;
  • The impact of Brexit and Dover port;
  • Scenarios that may or may not breech Drivers' hours rules;
  • Operator licensing requirements and best practice;
  • The new DVSA scheme 'Earned Recognition';
  • Workers' rights and night work rules.


Get your Question in Early