You’re about to take the next step in your logistics career.


 It's a lot to take in, we know. However, booking TM CPC should be the easiest part of the process.



In terms of study routes and training availability, there are a number of options open to you.

If you wish to sit the two exams and purchase study notes (with no training), you're looking at £278.45 including VAT.

If, however, you've already sat the course with us, and wish to resit the exams, without any training, the cost is £170.45 including VAT.

And now for the most popular course of action. If you're opting to sit both exams, get the study notes and attend the full 2-week intensive training course, the cost for you will be £720 including VAT.

For those who need a residential course we can advise as to local accommodation (we are a stone's throw from a Premier Inn).



Upcoming TM CPC Training

The exam dates are set by OCR and take place in March, June, September and December. Training dates for 2019 are:

  • February 25th 2019 - March 8th 2019, with exams held on the 8th March. 
  • June 3rd 2019 - June 15th 2019, with exams held on 15th June.
  • September 2nd 2019 - September 13th 2019, with exams held on 13th September.
  • December 2nd 2019 - December 13th 2019, with exams held on 13th December.

Still not sure which option will suit you best feel free to give one of the team a call and they can help you understand exactly what's involved and which study option will be right for you.